Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Poney Sunshine Dress

 Description : Gorgeous bright yellow dress from Baby Poney. With flowers applique on the neck area.  This was an impulse buy end of last year because I soo love the color but when I tried it on my baby, it was too short for her! (She now wears size 2-3 for BP) I've been pairing this with a white leggings as tunic but it'll look beautiful worn on its own.  In excellent condition, worn less than 5 times :) Comes with a diaper cover (pic 4).

Size :  18-24 mos

Price : RM20

Status : SOLD to LV

Baby Poney Top and Pants Set

 Description : Top and pants set from Baby Poney.  In good condition, my baby wears this as her daily outfit. Material is 100% cotton. I think there are some minor stains here and there but not visible at all. That is why I can't capture them as usual because after several tries, they did not show up on the pictures (I think I need to use a DSLR! :)

Size : 18-24 mos

Price : RM12

Status : SOLD to NM

Vertbaudet Tunic, Trousers & Headscarf Outfit

 Description : Outfit bought from Vertbaudet (UK).  The top consists of gorgeous 2 layer a la cardigan style which is not separate, as you can see in the 3rd picture, the tab buttons running down the back keep the 2 pieces together.  The trousers does not have adjustable waistband but is fully elasticated and has tab buttons between the legs which I found immensely helpful when changing diapers so you don't have to take off the trousers at all.  There is a cotton voile headscarf similar to the other Vertbaudet headscarf in this blog (the blue one) made up of the same flowery material as the top but I forgot to take its picture.  The outfit is in very excellent condition cos rarely worn. The trousers tho of light peach color does not have any stains whatsoever.

Size : 18 mos (for baby with height 81cm)

Price : RM30
Status : SOLD to Nisa

Ralph Lauren Ruffled Babydoll Polo (Spring Hibiscus)

 Description : Bought from the Polo Ralph Lauren website in US so this is an authentic item ya. Save for the slight pen mark as shown in pic 3, this tee is in excellent condition. Material is 100% cotton.

Size : 18 mos

Price : RM20 

Status : SOLD to NM

Old Navy Motorcycle Jeans

 Description : Bought from Old Navy (US). Gorgeous dark wash skinny  jeans for baby which is all the rage now I think :) I love, love this jeans but it's gotten too tight for my baby. Very rarely worn as I reserved this for outings only thus in very excellent condition, it's very much like a new item.

Size : 18-24 mos

Price : RM20

Status : SOLD to NM

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Announcement II

Assalamualaikum / Good Day, 

I wish to reiterate that I am not a bundle seller and thus, would not be uploading items constantly on this blog. All items sold in WOP are personal items. As such, I will no longer hold or book your items until my next upload as previously practiced. I wish that all interested buyers to please read the T&C stated and please also read the item's description carefully prior to emailing/messaging me for booking etc. 

Starting today, I will adhere strictly to the 3 days booking rule ONLY. No extension will be granted unless you paid the FULL amount for the booked item first. I do not wish to be stringent, but I wish to avoid back-out and non-serious buyers.

Thank you for your understanding.



Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carter's Top with Skort Set

 Description : Bought from Carter's (US).  A cute sleeveless top with skort. A skort is skirt + shorts attached together, see picture no. 3.  In great condition, there is no stain or marks on the top, still pristine white :) Material is 100% cotton.

Size : 18 mos (please check out Carter's website for size guide)

Price : RM15 

Status :  SOLD to NM

Baby Poney Top and Leggings

 Description : Top and leggings from baby Poney Basic. They are not a set but bought separately. Material is 100% cotton. Small now for my baby since she's wearing 2-3 years now for Poney, but then Poney do carries small cutting clothes, I think :) In excellent condition. As you can see in the last picture, the leggings are adorned with small bows at the end. 

Size : 18-24 mos 

Price : RM12 

Status : SOLD to As

Carter's Tunic with Leggings Set

Description : A cute Carter's set bought from Kohl's (US). Material is 100% cotton. Both pieces are still in great condition.  The last picture may shown the tunic to be faded but rest assured it is not, likely because of the lighting because I am using the super close-up mode to photograph the label :) The actual color of the tunic is as shown in picture 2 - a blue-ish purple color.

Size : 12 mos (please check out Carter's website for size guide)

Price : RM15 

Status : SOLD to As

Vertbaudet T-shirt, Shorts & Headband 3 Piece Outfit

 Description : Bought from vertbaudet (UK).  A very cute 3 piece outfit, the same outfit is currently sold at the vertbaudet website, see here for more description and pictures (highly recommended). Worn less than 5 times by my baby and thus in great condition. The only flaw here is that the the last press-stud fastening on the t-shirt has gone missing,  likely during washing (see picture 4).  I would suggest that should you buy this outfit, to just sew that part together *I always do that to my baby's clothes that have the same problem :)
Oh and the shorts are okay, it does look a tad jaunty in the pictures, probably because of the way I hang it on the hanger :) The last picture is of the cute headband.

Size : 18 mos (for baby with height up to 81cm)
 Price : RM12

Status : SOLD to As

Mothercare Dress Set

 Description : A dress set from Mothercare. Comes with a cream-ish bodysuit underneath. The dress is also lined inside (see last picture). On the 5th picture, you can see a brown streak on the end of the sleeve, I suspect this is due to storage and can be washed out.  Worn less than 3 times by my baby thus in excellent condition and has been kept in storage since.  Material is 100% cotton.

Size : 3-6 mos (for baby weighs up to 8kg)

Price : RM15

Status : SOLD to Diana