Monday, November 21, 2011

Carter's "Daddy's Girl" Pyjamas

 Description : Bought from Carter's (US).  In great condition since my baby was only able to wear this for a couple of times before she outgrown it.  Material is 100% cotton.

Size : 12 mos (for measurement, please check out Carter's website)

Price : RM10

Status : SOLD to Elly

Old Navy Blouse & Denim Mini 2 Pieces Set

 Description : Bought from Old Navy (US).  The blouse's material is 100% cotton with denim mini embroidered in some places.  In excellent condition, rarely worn.  Comes with a diaper cover, as shown in the last picture.

Size : 12-18 mos (for measurement, please check out the Old Navy website)

Price : RM30

Status : SOLD to NM

Old Navy Smoky Grey Hearts Dress

 Description : Dress bought from Old Navy (US).  Buttons down the back for easy dressing. Comes with a grey diaper cover, picture not shown.  In great condition. Material is 100% cotton, with soft cotton lining.

Size : 12-18 mos (for measurement, please check out Old Navy website)

Price : RM20

Status : SOLD to NM

Gymboree Strawberry Dress with Scalloped Neckline

Description : Dress bought from Gymboree (US).  In great condition since it is rarely worn.  Buttons down the back for easy dressing as shown in the 2nd picture. The dress comes with a diaper cover, red in color.

Size : 12-18 mos (for measurement, please check out Gymboree's website)

Price : RM15

Status : SOLD to Aishah

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson for Debenhams Tie-Dye Top with White Denim Shorts

 Description : Bought from Debenhams (UK).  This is a 2 piece set and in very good condition.  The material is 100% cotton.  Both top and shorts feature neat butterfly embroidery.  The top has buttons running down the back for easy dressing. They also come with original spare buttons :)

Size : 9-12 mos (fits baby with height 80cm and weight 11kg)

Price : RM25

Status : SOLD to NM

Gymboree Batiste Blouse with Tan Skirt

 Description : Bought from Gymboree (US).  The blouse and the skirt are actually separate pieces (tho from a same collection, but not of a 2 part set) but I teamed them together since the orange grosgrain ribbon on the skirt matches the color of the blouse :)  The actual color of the blouse is as shown in picture no 3, in pictures no 1 & 2 the color looked pale. It is actually quite a bright shade of orange.  The skirt comes with a separate diaper cover and its color matches the skirt (picture not shown).  Except for some pen markings as shown in picture no 3, both items are in great condition.

Size : 12-18 mos (for measurement, please check out the size guide at Gymboree website)

Price : RM25

Status : SOLD to NM

There is minor pen marking on the bottom front of the blouse, but hardly visible

Next Baby Romper

 Description : Bought from Next (UK) at  Material is 100% soft Indian cotton. In good condition.

Size : 6-9 mos (fits baby with weight 9.5kg)

Price : RM7

Status : SOLD to MH

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Next 2 Pack Ruffled Rompers

White butterfly motif

Multi butterfly motif
 Description : Bought from (UK).  The rompers are part of a 2 pack set, that's why I'm selling them together.  Condition-wise, both have minor signs of wear and the multi one has some yellow discoloration in some areas, I suspect due to color transfer when I soaked the clothes before washing.  FYI, all baby clothes in this website are hand-washed :)

Size : 6-9 mos (weight 9.5kgs)
Price : If sold separately, the price is RM7 per romper. For 1 set, the price is RM12.

Status : SOLD to LV

George Cherry Jumper

 Description : Bought in the UK.  George is a brand under ASDA, one of UK's retail stores, like Sainsbury's.  In excellent condition. My baby has only worn this jumper once for a couple of hours.  The top is separate (see 2nd picture).  The material is 100% cotton.

Size : 9-12 mos (weight 11kg)

Price : RM15

Status : SOLD to LV

Old Navy Denim Ruffled Skirtall

Front view

Back view

Osh Kosh B'Gosh Bodysuit
Close-up view of label and size
Description : Purchased from (US).  There are actually 2 adjustable metal buttons as you can see in the 2nd picture.  The material is soft denim with a ruffled back, very cute and seldom seen in a denim dress like this.  There is also a separate diaper cover in dark blue but I forgot to snap the picture of it.  I'm giving away the OKBG bodysuit since usually, I would team this dress with the bodysuit :)

Size : 12-18 mos (for the measurement, please check out Old Navy website)

Price : RM15

Status : SOLD to NM

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ralph Lauren Suzanne Thong Sandal

View from the top

Beautiful RL engraving

Description : Brand new item, bought from (US) through a friend. Just arrived from US this week, but sadly, my baby's feet cannot fit in this gorgeous sandal. Usually, she will love it every time I put her in shoes but this one, she ran away from me. Because of the tight fit, it's not comfortable for her to wear.  There goes my plan for this to be her Raya sandal. Apparently, she wears different sizes for different brand. For RL, her feet size corresponds to age 2.5 yo. Imagine that cos she's yet to reach 2 yo, but RL's size has always been small-cutting and you can't buy according to age.  The current retail price is USD39.99. It is still available at the website:

Size : 5 (for 11cm feet)

Price : RM100 (I bought this at more than RM150. The retail price in Malaysia is of course so much more expensive) The box will come with it FOC.

Status : SOLD to FA

Ralph Lauren Tee with Leggings Set

close-up view of label

View of top and leggings

Close-up view of signature RL pony
Description : Bought from (US).  Part of my baby's Raya clothing in '10.  I was attracted to the unusual tri-tone colored tee. Has been worn less than 6 times but disappointingly because the color bleeds during washing, it gave the effect of being faded and old.  As apparent from the pictures, there are small black smudges and white splashes on certain parts of the tee, tho not very noticeable.  Maybe worn as daily wear :)

Size : 6 mos (please check out RL website for measurement).

Price : RM15 (letting it go very cheap even tho it's an authentic item because of the 'defects').

Status : SOLD to AN
Small black mark at the collar on the back. You can see the outline of the label from the back.

Small black smudges towards the end and beside the button lining

White splashes on the lower part of the tee. I suspect this is due to bleeding of the color.

Separate leggings