Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ralph Lauren Suzanne Thong Sandal

View from the top

Beautiful RL engraving

Description : Brand new item, bought from (US) through a friend. Just arrived from US this week, but sadly, my baby's feet cannot fit in this gorgeous sandal. Usually, she will love it every time I put her in shoes but this one, she ran away from me. Because of the tight fit, it's not comfortable for her to wear.  There goes my plan for this to be her Raya sandal. Apparently, she wears different sizes for different brand. For RL, her feet size corresponds to age 2.5 yo. Imagine that cos she's yet to reach 2 yo, but RL's size has always been small-cutting and you can't buy according to age.  The current retail price is USD39.99. It is still available at the website:

Size : 5 (for 11cm feet)

Price : RM100 (I bought this at more than RM150. The retail price in Malaysia is of course so much more expensive) The box will come with it FOC.

Status : SOLD to FA

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