Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ralph Lauren Tee with Leggings Set

close-up view of label

View of top and leggings

Close-up view of signature RL pony
Description : Bought from (US).  Part of my baby's Raya clothing in '10.  I was attracted to the unusual tri-tone colored tee. Has been worn less than 6 times but disappointingly because the color bleeds during washing, it gave the effect of being faded and old.  As apparent from the pictures, there are small black smudges and white splashes on certain parts of the tee, tho not very noticeable.  Maybe worn as daily wear :)

Size : 6 mos (please check out RL website for measurement).

Price : RM15 (letting it go very cheap even tho it's an authentic item because of the 'defects').

Status : SOLD to AN
Small black mark at the collar on the back. You can see the outline of the label from the back.

Small black smudges towards the end and beside the button lining

White splashes on the lower part of the tee. I suspect this is due to bleeding of the color.

Separate leggings

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