Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Poney Long Pants

 Description : A long pants bought at Baby Poney with the lightest pink/white fine stripes and removable belt.  The waistband is adjustable with single button hook and no zip. In excellent condition with no stains or worn patches. I normally teamed this with the Baby Poney stripe top.

Size : 18-24 mos

Status : SOLD to Lynn

Marks & Spencer Charlie & Lola Denim Jumper 3 Piece Set

 Description : Bought from M&S (UK).  Featuring the characters "Charlie & Lola", originally a book series character but now made into a famous television series for children in the UK :) It is a 3 piece set comprising of the denim jumper, the separate pink t-shirt underneath (sorry I forgot to take a separate pic for the t-shirt) and a pair of tights (see 3rd pic).  The light denim jumper has buttons running down the back for easy dressing and the tights are never worn ya as you can see :) All in excellent condition.

Size : 12-18 mos (for baby with height 83cm)

Status : SOLD to Lynn

Baby Poney Stripe Top

 Description : A pink/white stripe top from Baby Poney with ruffled sleeves. In great condition with no stain or worn patches.

Size : 18-24 mos

Status : SOLD to Lynn

Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Gap Ruffled Dress

Description : Bought from Gap (US).  Luscious sleeveless dress that is just sooo gorgeous! The material is 100% cotton ya tho it looks like chiffon but perfect cos it won't be too heavy for the baby to wear.  The chest has ruffles with the cascading dress thereafter. Also comes with a black bloomer (see 3rd pic). In excellent condition. I've been keeping it for too long cos it is also perfect when teamed with black leggings since the dress has become shorter for my baby to wear :)

Size : 12-18 mos

Status : SOLD to Nisa

Trudy & Teddy Cropped Cardigan

Description : A knitted cropped cardigan from T & T featuring one-button closure below the sole ribbon at the front. The color is whitish-creamish with no stain.  In great condition as it is very rarely worn by my daughter :)

Size : 12-18 mos

Status : SOLD to Raiza

Gymboree Tunic and Leggings Set

 Description : Bought from Gymboree (US).  Both pieces are originally a 1 piece set but it was impossible to get into when I tried it on my daughter. So I ended up carefully cutting away and separating the leggings from the top and voila! it is now a 2 piece set :)  Worry not mommies cos the leggings waistband is elasticized (see 3rd pic) so it'll be a good fit. The tunic has a trio of flowers applique a la necklace with ruffled sleeves. The top is in  an excellent condition and the leggings too save for some worn patches on the knee area. 

Size : 18-24 mos

Status : SOLD to Raiza

Next Top with Linen Cropped Pants 2 Piece Set

 Description : Bought from Next (UK). The top is sleeveless with layers underneath and lace patches around the edges.  The linen pants are cuffed with cropped style. Both are in excellent condition.

Size : 9-12 mos (please check out Next website for the size guide)

Status : SOLD to Radiah 

Rocha Little Rocha for Debenhams Tunic and Leggings 2 Piece Set

 Description : Bought from Debenhams (UK).  A yellow tunic with flowery-designed leggings. The tunic has a multitude of a la necklace designs on the chest with little buttons applique, very cute! Surprisingly, while I was ironing the tunic last night, I found several stains although not very much visible in the areas as shown in pics 3 & 4, must be because I was standing under a bright light, I wonder how I could have missed seeing the stain spots during washing. Aside from that, both pieces are in great condition with no worn patches.

Size : 9-12 mos (please check out Debenham's website for the size guide ya)

Status : SOLD to Shya