Monday, November 26, 2012

Bluezoo for Debenhams Dress

 Description : Cotton dress from Debenhams. With patches pattern. In good condition and has a spare button at the label underneath.

Size : 18-24 months (fits toddler with height 92cm)

Status : SOLD - Mega

Ralph Lauren Red Leggings

 Description : Leggings from RL (US). In excellent condition with the sweetest grosgrain ribbons at the back of the legs (see pic 3). I'm throwing in the Team GB t-shirt from Next UK for free since my toddler always wears this leggings with it :)

Size : 24 mos (the t-shirt size is 12-18 mos)

Status : SOLD - Mega

Baby Poney Basic Stripes Dress

 Description: Too short on my toddler now, I have to team this with a crop leggings instead of worn as a dress. Still lovely tho and in great condition. With decorative cinched ties at the waist.

Size : 2-3 years

Status : SOLD - Mega

Butterfly Girl by Matthew Williamson for Debenhams Ruffled Tunic and Leggings Set

 Description : A lovely set from Matthew Williamson. I always love his collection for Debenhams, so girly!  Anyway, this set is in excellent condition, the tunic is of Indian cotton material and lightly lined underneath with decorative butterfly buttons on the chest area.  The leggings is of minty green color with elasticized waist.

Size : 18-24 mos (fits toddler with height of 92cm)

Status : SOLD - Mega

Vertbaudet Atelier LZC Dress

Description : A gorgeous A-line dress from Vertbaudet.  My daughter truly look adult-like when she wore this dress. It has become too short on her to be worn as a dress but still looks as good when worn with a nice leggings :) With keyhole button design at the back.  Material is 100% cotton.  In excellent condition.

Size : 2T (fits height 86cm)

Status : SOLD - Mega

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Old Navy Denim Capri

 Description : In very excellent condition, like new in fact. I love this capri but my toddler loathe to wear this since she always complained it is too tight on her :) Anyway, the denim is stretchable it's just that she doesn't get to wear this often so the denim has not really 'broken in' yet.  The buttons at the sides can be unbuttoned for freer movement. With adjustable waist. 

Size : 2T

Status : SOLD - Farra

Miki Girl Stripe T-shirt

 Description : Cotton t-shirt by Miki.  With stripey design and can be tied at both sides of the waist.  In great condition.

Size : L (for age 24-30 mos)

Status : SOLD - Ema

Vertbaudet Tunic & Leggings Set

 Description : In excellent condition.  The material is 100% cotton, Vertbaudet clothes are always of top quality and the material remains nice even after so many washings.  The tunic is designed to be symmetrical in that your toddler can wear it both ways :)

Size : 2T (fits height 86cm)

Status : SOLD - Lynn

Vertbaudet Blouse and Shorts Set

 Description : The material is 100% cotton. The blouse has buttons running down the back for easy dressing and decorative tie-back ribbons at the back of the waist.  The shorts have some stains (see last pic) which I am sure can be washed out.  Save for the stains, this set is in excellent condition.

Size : 2T (fits height 86cm)

Status : SOLD - Lynn

Monday, October 22, 2012

Seed & Miki Boy's Shirts

 Description : Both shirts are in excellent condition. The sleeves can be rolled up and tabbed.  Features embroidered statements at the back.

Size : Both sizes 9 (fits boy ages 9-10)

Status : SOLD - ZR

Pumpkin Patch A-Line Dress

Description : Bought from Pumpkin Patch (NZ website). Great A-line dress, totally adult-like with pastel colors. Features big buttons with ruffles at the chest and flounces at the edges of the dress.  With zip-back dressing. Fully lined inside so cooling for a baby.  Comes with a spare button attached to the label underneath the side of the dress ya.  In excellent condition.

Size : 24 mos (for baby with height 86cm).

Status : SOLD - Mega

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Children's Place Guitar T-shirt

Description : Navy t-shirt from TCP with glittery graphics at the front.  In excellent condition.

Size : 24 mos

Status : SOLD to Ema

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sleepwear Sale II

 Description : Still in good condition, letting it go very cheap despite the brands. The first 2 are BabyGaps and the flowery one is Ralph Lauren Baby, all original items.  The RL pyjamas top label is cut, must be by the babysitter since my toddler likes to complain a lot now about labels on her clothes, must be irritating her skin somehow. All pyjamas are snug-fitting ya.

Size : 1) cat in air balloon - 2Y
          2) cloud - 18-24 mos
          3) flower motifs - 2Y

Status : SOLD to Lyn