Thursday, May 7, 2015

GapKids/babyGap Tees

Description : Both tees are in excellent condition. Both are made from cotton.

Size : Jetsetter Tee - XS (fits 4-5yrs)
         the gap tee - 5T

Status : SOLD - Ashley

Gymboree Embellished Tee and Cropped Leggings

 Description : This is not a 2 piece set but 2 separate clothing items which I have always paired together when worn by my daughter. The leggings kinda matched the grosgrain ribbons of the top right? :) Both pieces are in excellent condition.

Size : 5T

Status : SOLD - Ain

Baker by Ted Baker for Debenhams Pleated Flower Top and Leggings Set

 Description : A beautiful fuchsia coordinated set. The top features all around pleat at the hem and the front part is made of satin and very soft, contrasting with the cotton back. There are some pulled threads on the top as you can see in picture no. 3 otherwise the clothes are in good condition.

Size : 4-5

Status : SOLD - Ain

Vertbaudet Canvas Pants

 Description : The pants have elasticized waist and non-adjustable but it also has a cloth belt.  The hem can be rolled up and buttoned, turning it into a cropped pants. The actual color is pretty striking than shown, it is more towards a dark terracotta red.  In excellent condition.

Size : 5T

Status : SOLD - Ain

Vertbaudet Polkadot Tunic and Leggings Set (New w/out Tag)

 Description : The risk of having clothes shipped to you via sea means that when they arrive after a couple of months, your daughter might not be able to fit nicely into them anymore :( I made the mistake of not ordering 1 size up here and I am wanting to let this go. 
The tunic features rounded sleeves and zipped back with sprinkles of glitter all over some of the polka-dots (seen in pic 3).  The leggings is actually a light cream color.

Size : 5T

Price : RM50 (bought at RM70+)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Osh Kosh B'Gosh Flutter Sleeve Tee

Description : Flutter sleeve tee with flowers applique on the front. In great condition. The color is originally in blackish fade.

Size : 4T

Status : SOLD - Suzie

Sunday, February 8, 2015

babyGap Patchwork Bootcut Jeans

 Description : Bootcut jeans in light wash with patchwork embroideries and motifs.  The waist is adjustable. In excellent condition.

Size : 4T

Status : SOLD - Ain

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Osh Kosh B'Gosh Side-Tie Tee

 Description : Fashionable tee with side-tie knot. In great condition.

Size : 5T

Status : SOLD - Lynn

Zara Girls Pattern Dress

 Description : Part of my girl's Raya 2014 ensemble. Am letting this go cos she has outgrown this. Worn less than 5 times. In very excellent condition.

Size : 4/5

Status : SOLD - Ain

Carter's Embellished Tee

 Description : In good condition t-shirt with ribbon embellishment on the front.

Size : 4T

Status :  SOLD - Ashley

Osh Kosh B'Gosh Twill Crop Pants

 Description : Features flowery motifs. Waist is adjustable.  In excellent condition.

Size : 5T

Status : SOLD - Ain

babyGap Paris Tee

 Description : In great condition. Features Eiffel Tower motif.

Size : 5T

Status : SOLD - Ashley

Gymboree Tulle Skirt

 Description : Girly tulle skirt with full lining underneath and flowers applique on the waist. Waist is slightly stretchable.  In excellent condition

Size: 5T

Status : SOLD - Ashley

Zara Girls Lace Dress

 Description : Part of my little girl's Raya 2014 outfit this year. Since I love this dress so much, I proceeded to bought it even though it is just a very right fit for my girl without considering that she will outgrown this very fast. True enough, it's not even 6 months and it's already quite short on her. There is cotton lining underneath the dress with scalloped bust. Truly beautiful. In excellent condition.

Size : 4/5 (height 110cm)

Status : SOLD - Ashley

Osh Kosh B'Gosh Crop Pants

 Description : Material is canvas cotton. Not in picture is a pink removable cloth belt that comes with the pants.  Waist is adjustable. In great condition.

Size  : 4T

Price : RM15