Monday, March 25, 2013

Seed Boy's Denim

 Description : Both denims are in excellent condition with all buttons and zip intact and in order.  Have adjustable waist.

Size : 9 (for boys ages 8-10 depending on height)

Status : SOLD - ZR

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BabyGap Ruffled Sleeve Tee

 Description : In great condition. Material is 100% cotton.

Size : 2T

Status : SOLD - Mega

Next Tunic and Leggings Set

 Description : With faux ribbons on the chest.  In great condition, no stains and tear.

Size : 18-24 mos (can fits baby with height up to 92cm)

Status : SOLD - Haslina 

BabyGap Skimmer Dotted Jeans

 Description : With embellished buttons at the cuff. This jeans is a skinny fit ya, I'd recommend for tall and lean toddler. In great condition.

Size : 3T

Status :  SOLD - Mega 

Monsoon Cotton Dress

 Description : Adorable cotton dress with embroideries as in pictures. Faux ribbons on the strap and plaits on the border.  In great condition with no stains.

Size : 18-24 mos (big cutting)

Status : SOLD - Mega

Sleepwear Sale III

Description : Preloved sleepwear from 1) BabyGap 2) Gymboree 3) Mothercare.  U can note my toddler's obsession with felines here :)  For item (1) please expect fair wear but item (2) and (3) are in great condition.

Size : (1) 2 T
          (2) 3 T
          (3) 18-24 mos

Status : (1) SOLD -  Lynn
             (2) SOLD - Lynn
             (3) SOLD - Haslina

Next Tunic and Linen Cropped Pants Set

 Description : Ruffled butterfly tunic with linen cropped pants. You can see faux ribbons on the side of the pants peeking in pic 1.  In excellent condition.

Size : 18-24 mos (can fits baby with height up to 92cm)

Status : SOLD - Lynn