Monday, May 21, 2012

Next Layered Top with Linen Cropped Trousers 2-Piece Set

 Description : Bought from Next (UK).  The top is layered all around with sewn-on buttons a la cardigan style.  The trousers are made of linen with elasticated waist featuring the same design as the top.  The material of the top is 100% cotton.  In excellent condition with no stains and worn patches.

Size : 9-12 mos (fits baby with height 80cm and weighs 11kg)

Status : SOLD to As

Next Top with Chambray Pants 2-Piece Set

 Description : A 2-piece set bought from Next (UK).  The top is trimmed with cotton lace at the end, with sewn on buttons and ribbons at the chest area.  The pants are chambray ie. soft denim with loose cuffs.  There is a small brownish stain on the front side of the top (see 5th picture) but hardly visible and am sure it can be washed out.

Size : 9-12 mos (fits baby with height 80cm and weighs 11kg)

Status : SOLD to LV

Next Layered Tunic with Leggings 2-Piece Set

 Description : A 2-piece set bought from Next (UK). The tunic is layered but sewn together at the side so the layer is only flippable outwards, I think you can see the 3rd picture for a closer look. With button-closure at the top half (see 2nd picture). The tunic is like a full dress so it is meant to be worn a bit long than a normal top. The leggings have eyelet trims at its end. Material is 100% cotton. In very good condition.

Size : 9-12 mos (fits baby with height 80 cm and weighs 11 kg)

Status : SOLD to LV

Baby Gap Ruffled Tee

 Description : Bought from Gap (US).  A gorgeous tee with ruffled sleeves and some smocking embroidery on the shoulders and cute sewn-in, raised design on the front. The material is 100% cotton.  In excellent condition, has no stain or worn patches.  I always teamed this with the Next purple cropped trousers cos the colors matched together :)

Size : 12-18 mos (please check out the size guide at Gap's website)

Status : SOLD to Shya


Next Cropped Trousers with Belt

 Description : Bought from Next through a friend living in the UK.  The trousers are cropped meaning that its length should comes up just below the knee when worn.The belt is made of fabric and can be removed.  The trousers is 100% cotton. In excellent condition. 

Size : 9-12 mos (fits baby with weight 11kg and height approx 80 cm)

Status : SOLD to As

Poya Baju Kurung

 Description : Bought from Poya boutique, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). The material is like a soft Thai silk but not of a thick texture so it's cooling and comfortable for babies and toddlers to wear.  The color is a soft orange with gradual tones. On the front of the top, there are sewn in small silvery applique a la 'songket bunga tabur'. In excellent condition, have only been worn 2 times and that was during both Eid occasions :) Am letting it go because my baby has outgrown it :)

Size : 2 (I reckon it can fit baby and toddlers from 1 1/2 - 2 years old. When my baby wore this during the last Eid, she was about 18 months old - please let me know if you want the measurements :)

Price : RM40 RM35 (I bought this for RM150)

Status : SOLD to ema

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gymboree 2-Piece Pajama Set

 Description : Cute pajama set from Gymboree (US) with quirky, embroidered statement at the front :) So 'sayang' to let go cos I really love the color combination of brown & red but my baby has outgrown this. In great condition, material is 100% cotton.

Size : 18-24 mos (please check out Gymboree's website for the size guide)

Price : RM15 RM12

Status : SOLD to ema

Baby Poney Top and Pants Set

 Description : Dark aubergine top and pants with 'built-in' leggings from Baby Poney. In fair conditions with no stains but some worn patch on the knee-area. Material is 100% cotton.

Size : 18-24 months

Price : RM10

Status : SOLD to NM 

Gymboree Ruffle Two-Piece

 Description : From Gymboree's Sweet Pea collection (US). In soft pink color. Featuring sweet pea embroidery on the lower end of the right pants leg, ruffled chest and at the end of the pants (see 4th picture), snaps closure at the back and elasticized waist. In great condition cos my baby wore this as a nightwear :) No worn patch and stains.

Size : 18-24 months (please check out Gymboree's website for the size guide)

Price : RM15

Status : SOLD to NM 

Carter's 2-Piece Pant Set

 Description : Bought from Carter's (US).  A bright red pant set with matching bodysuit that has a small flower corsage is just too cute! :) The pants is pull-on with elastic waist and the bodysuit has snaps closure at the shoulders and bottom for easy dressing. In great condition.

Size : 18 months (please check out Carter's website for size guide)

Price : RM15

Status : SOLD to NM

Old Navy Ruffle-Neck Graphic Tee

 Description : Bought from Old Navy (US).  The color is light pink with a picture of Eiffel Tower and decorative heart-shaped ribbons applique.  The sleeves are also ruffled. There are some black-ish stain at the lower end of the tee at the back (see 2nd pic) although not very visible and am pretty sure it can be washed out (I honestly don't know what caused the stain). Otherwise, the tee is in good condition :)

Size : 18-24 months (for size guide, check out the Old Navy website)

Price : RM7

Status : SOLD to Raiza

Osh Kosh B'Gosh Denim Capri Pants

 Description : Soft denim capri pants bought from OKBG (US). Featuring flowery embroidery on the right top pocket, decorative ribbons at the leg opening (the tie-leg at the bottom is not adjustable ya) with double button closure with no zipper and no adjustable waistband but worry not, the waist is elasticized at the back for a nice fit. In good condition with no worn patch or any stains :)

Size : 18 months (for the size guide, please check out OKBG website)

Price : RM12

Status : SOLD to NM