Monday, June 11, 2012

Rocha Little Rocha for Debenhams Tunic and Leggings 2 Piece Set

 Description : Bought from Debenhams (UK).  A yellow tunic with flowery-designed leggings. The tunic has a multitude of a la necklace designs on the chest with little buttons applique, very cute! Surprisingly, while I was ironing the tunic last night, I found several stains although not very much visible in the areas as shown in pics 3 & 4, must be because I was standing under a bright light, I wonder how I could have missed seeing the stain spots during washing. Aside from that, both pieces are in great condition with no worn patches.

Size : 9-12 mos (please check out Debenham's website for the size guide ya)

Status : SOLD to Shya

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