Thursday, August 2, 2012

Monsoon Long-Sleeved Top and Flared Skirt

Description : This is not a set ya, but 2 separate pieces but as usual, I teamed these together cos the color really matches :)  Bought from Monsoon (UK). First thing, the label of the top is snipped and I honestly am baffled as to how it came to be cut off, maybe by my babysitter cos sometimes you know clothing labels can irritate a baby's skin. Otherwise, the top is in a great condition, featuring a heart motif on the chest, close-up view is pic 3.  The flared skirt is half elasticized and have flounces at the edges and trimmed at the waist.

Size : 12-18 mos (can fit right up to toddlers aged 24-36 mos I reckon cos UK size is always bigger than the US)

Status : SOLD to LV

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