Monday, July 16, 2012

Lovely Lace Baby Dress

 Description : This dress has been hanging in storage for a while so mommies please take note of the yellowish discoloration due to storage at the lace bits on the chest and sleeves (see pic no 2). I would recommend sending it to a dry cleaner for proper cleaning or google for some home type how-to :) I am so sayang to sell this but just last month, I bought another lace dress for a family wedding so now my daughter has 2, although this one she has overgrown ages ago.  The tulle skirts is in excellent condition ya mommies, it's just the lace bits you have to tackle.  Since I bought the dress with a set of matching socks and head band, I am letting go those 2 items as well with this dress. My daughter has only worn this on 2 occasions.

Size : I reckon this dress can fits baby from the ages of 6 -12 mos (my daughter wore this when she was 9 months old).

Status : SOLD - Masliza

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